The perfect music for jogging and working out


In the attempt of living more active lives and dealing with health problems caused by obesity and lack of physical movement, more and more people appeal to the oldest form of a workout without spending too much money – jogging. Apart from a pair of running shoes and pants, there aren’t too many things you will require to start jogging and finally change your lifestyle.

However, most of the people who practice jogging also see it as a recreational activity, meant to reduce stress, anxiety, and help you better cope with daily problems. This is why running is also associated with listening to music, which is another relaxing activity that helps your brain take a break from the thinking process, and focus more on solutions.

So if you haven’t yet found the best music for jogging or running, we would like to offer us our suggestions.



Stay away from sad music

Happy music in combination with running will help release a larger quantity of endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Happy music will help you perform better, run better, and ultimately burn more calories and improve your efforts.

In exchange, listening to sad music or tracks that are associated with pain or negative memories in your mind will trigger the increase of anxiety and depression. Ultimately, this is not good for the brain as it will process the bad memories and run them over and over again, which will later be negatively associated with running or jogging.

So, if you want to stay healthy and positive, try appealing to happy jogging music as often as you can.


Fast rhythms

If you want to be more active and burn more calories the fastest way through jogging or running is listening to fast rhythms of your choice. Whether we talk about hard rock, soft rock, metal or even pop music or rap, alert songs are definitely the best way to start your morning routine.

The fast-paced songs will determine your brain to increase its activity which will help you focus better in the morning. Listening to rapid music is similar to drinking coffee in a way, as it will stimulate your brain and help you perform better at your job.


Consider the beats per minute

You’ll find out that most workout playlists mainly consist of pop songs. What is interesting about this fact is that the vast majority of these pop songs gravitate around 128 beats per minute, a perfect intensity for working out and challenging your body. However, these pop songs are often considered a bit too slow for running, so you will need songs that truly provoke your body, starting at 140 bpm.


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