What is an independent record label?


The music industry is rather complicated and you could get lost in terminology if you don’t have all the information. The best way to avoid any weird situation is to understand the difference between an official record label and an indie label. They might work the same but at the core, they are a tad different.

An independent label or an indie label is basically a record label that gets the funding from independent resources. On top of this, it is not related to any major label known in the industry. Especially nowadays, there’s a growing trend of artists and bands whose music is backed up by independent record labels.



Indie labels can be either home-based labels made for the pure purpose of having a hobby and other are profitable businesses that operate on a large scale. Back in ‘90, there was a fine line between indie record and major labels. So we are able to see some of them signing with world-known global records because they’ve managed to get more and more praised artists that make money which is a big asset.

The only problem with these independent record labels is that they have to go through a great deal of stress until the music they release actually gets heard and eventually promoted. Because they lack financial help, they struggle more compared to major labels. They have to send out demos to all local and national radio stations until someone decides the music is good and the songs are catchy enough to be played in heavy rotation.

Nevertheless, despite the uphill battle, many labels have thrived and stayed in place without letting anything affect them. They have artists and bands and the music created here is somehow more well-received by a large part of the audience. It’s the best place for beginners in the music industry to start creating art and putting into verses.

Among the benefits of signing with an indie label, we should mention the freedom. On the one hand, they actually take a look at the artist, evaluate the music, and work for everyone’s benefit. The company is set to get artists that make great music. Also, the artist won’t have to change the style or image like major companies insist on doing so.

Since we’re not talking about major corporations and stocks, this is the place where the entire staff works for a common goal. The artists get to know each person they work with and connect faster and easier.

The best part is that musicians get to have control over their music. The contracts are smaller and shorter so, if something doesn’t go as planned, they have the possibility to get out and try another way at a different record label.



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