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What is the difference between a keyboard and a synthesizer?


Comparing the two instruments can be tricky because they have many things in common that could make people confused. A keyboard is a broad term that usually includes all the instruments that rely on a keyboard to make sounds, like pianos, organs and many other types of products.

On the other hand, a synthesizer is something that generates sounds, and it can have a keyboard or not. Even your laptop can be a synthesizer if you install the proper software like Garageband. Although, it is highly inefficient to use letters as keys. The models without a keyboard are called sound modules and will not generate sound if you don’t attach them to a keyboard or a laptop.



A synthesizer could be a subclass of keyboards, meaning it can be considered a keyboard, and the other way around can be accurate too. The keyboard is added to control the product, and the synth is the part that generates the sound. But the real difference is that a synthesizer can create its unique sounds, while a keyboard usually has rigid notes that are pre-recorded.

Most synthesizers you can find in stores are digital and rely on data in the form of MIDI files to generate sound. This data is considered the trigger that prompts the machine to play a sound. On the other hand, keyboards don’t need data, and they just require you to press a key, and that’s it.

People usually go for synths when they want to create unique songs and when they want to experiment with music. A keyboard might be less flexible when it comes to the variety of the notes it creates, but it sounds more traditional and natural. It has more soul than other digital instruments.

However, since they are capable of creating a plethora of sounds, synths also come with a high price tag. They offer you flexibility, but they limit you at the same time because you have to rely on your Mac or on another instrument to use it. Meanwhile, a keyboard can be used on its own, and you can find great deals on the Internet if you want to buy one.

The good news is that manufacturers nowadays try to be innovative and that the market is starting to be invaded by what we would call ‘hybrids.’ They are keyboards which have inbuilt synths. These all-in-one tools are going to make the distinction between the two technologies even harder to distinguish, as people will start to use the terms interchangeably.

But maybe that is not such a bad thing after all, as it is always exciting to have more than just one option to choose from. If you are looking forward to purchasing a high-quality piano that will allow you to unleash your creativity, give a chance to a well-written review, so you can adopt the best model the Internet has to offer.


Use your lunch break to learn new things


If you’re tired of watching your Facebook feed with a blank look on your face whenever it’s time for lunch, and you don’t know what else to do, here are some exciting things to try out and to help you invest your time into something that is a little bit more productive.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but if you add up all of those minutes you spend doing nothing but glancing at a boring feed, you’ll realize that you could spend that time on something that will enrich your resume. This could get you a better job than the one you have right now.

One of the first things I recommend you to do when you get ten minutes for yourself and an excellent sandwich, is to learn a new language. The Internet is full of free apps for your phone like Duolingo and Memrise, which can help you pick up any language you want in no time. The most sought-after are Spanish and Mandarin.

You won’t even have to study grammar or any confusing rules, as these apps rely on images and sound to allow you to enrich your portfolio. You never know where you’re going to travel next, so it’s always a good thing to know you’ll be able to get along with the locals. And I bet your boss will be happy too to have such a cultured employee.

Another thing you can do on your lunch break instead of getting obsessed over Instagram is to meditate. This is a great method for someone to learn more about themselves and to allow them to cope with everyday stress. It is a super productive way to spend your lunch, especially if you had a rough morning. If you desire to get even more skilled at this whole soul-searching ordeal, read a guide on the best devices to help you relax at work.

A new way to spend your lunch and to improve your CV at the same time is to learn new skills via internet guides. Many websites are filled with hundreds of online lessons on varied topics, where you can find anything from ukulele lessons to how to edit your iPhone photos. Some of the lessons only require a few minutes a day, and I recommend you also to try drawing lessons since I’ve tried them myself and they worked.

My favorite method of getting a daily dose of information while I enjoy my favorite meal is by reading. There isn’t any other way that’s as efficient as reading when it comes to becoming an expert in any topic or field. And with websites like Audible, Scribd and Amazon, reading is easier and more accessible than ever.

You might as well do it on your phone or via an e-reader, or you can also buy the printed book and carry it with you everywhere you go to make sure you have a reliable friend by your side at all times.